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Amazing Solutions:

Humans Helping Humans is about aiding local communites in creating their own solutions, building self reliance and a positive economic community that can be sustained for future generations. At the core of h3o is the belief that people can achieve their maximum success when people are acknowledged as capable, committed and responsible.

We are about community interaction and people taking ownership for what is possible.

Low Tech Solution Partners

h3o connects providers of cutting edge, low tech, simple solutions that build vital infrastructure such as clean water, increased agricultural productivity and transportation for rural areas in the developing world.


Recycle Program

Did you know that 99% of African can’t afford cars. Cars are for the privileged.

Re- Cycle is an organization in Britain that fights poverty with affordable transportation, collects second hand bicycles and has shipped over 26,000 to Africa. These bikes help AIDS workers reach remote villages and even provide an ambulance service in remote Namibia.

The ClaySure

CLAYSURE helps rural villages create their own access to clean, potable water via simple, affordable and effective clay pot filter technology. The pots are lined with colloidal silver that removes 99.8% of life threatening water-borne diseases from drinking water for less than $50.

We’ve partnered with CLAYSURE, who is partnered with POTTERS for Peace, in order to aid in the construction and training of a ceramic clay pot factory in rural villages in developing nations….creating jobs and safer drinking water at the same time.

Full Belly Project

The project teaches how to build hand operated machines with common material such as concrete and used bicycle parts that increase agricultural productivity in rural areas of developing countries.

For example, the Universal Nut Sheller can be used for ground nuts, neem nuts, jatrotha, soy and shea nuts. It saves women countless hours of arduous labor to concentrate on their family life and their small businesses.


h3o believes in the power of partnerships for our village initiatives. Many communities have untapped, local resources that could be channeled into successful, community business opportunities.

We work closely with grass roots African leaders and local government officials that have initiative and drive, but lack access to training and outside resources. Collectively, the community leaders and local government officials under the guidance of our MFI Kenyan partner PEN Kenya choose viable, prudent business ventures for their communities.

What is missing are the “tools” for implementing viable business planning and financial support. h3o’s mission is to fulfill on these missing components; by providing small business and life skills training from Pen Kenya, as well as financial micro credit support from h3o.

Village project development requires a minimum of three financial stakeholders:

    • Community Cash Contribution (20%)
    • Local Government Grant (40%)
    • h3o Loan on Balance (40%)



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